Friday, March 10, 2006

Gemstones: Can’t get enough!

I am crazy about gem stones, especially those related to my birth because then I can believe that they were made especially for me. I must have searched Google so many times to get specific details on gemstones. And during my searches I came across a lot of sites: some were helpful while others were totally useless. So for all you gemstone lovers around the world, I have made you job a bit easier for you by combining all the great sites, which I came across, here.

If you want to read some interesting facts about how people in ancient times used to use gemstones here is a site for you. Click here for information according to different months. Click here for information according to each gemstone.

Here is one site that gives the specific gemstone based on the birthday of the person along with details on each stone; and they have details on about 47 stones. Click here. Below are details of different gemstones that I find interesting from various websites combined together:

Garnet: signifies illumination, and steadiness. Also represents friendship.
Amethyst: improves complexion.
Aquamarine: represents youth, fidelity, hope, and health.
Diamond: represents love. Also protects person from plague, pestilence and evil eye.
Emerald: represents love, faithfulness, and unchanging love. Also sharpens eye-sight and mind.
Pearl: represents well being and happy marriage. It is an emblem of modesty, chastity and purity.
Peridot: symbolizes eloquence and persuasiveness.
Sapphire: it is an all-purpose medicine.
Opal: symbolizes hope, innocence, and purity.
Topaz: it is a protective talisman against plague, bad skin, evil thoughts, bites of snakes, and other venomous reptiles.
Turquoise: brings happiness and good fortune. It also wards off evil eye, and warns the wearer against death by changing its color.
Jade: projects universal love, health, wealth, and long life.
Lapis Lazuli: wards off calamities and if it touches the body it improves mental, physical and spiritual conditions.
Moonstone: helps in mental inspiration, brings success in love, and good fortune in business.
Rose quartz: insures peace, fidelity and happiness.

The picture of Burj Al-Arab included in one of my earlier posts, "My views on DP World's takeover of P&O", is made entirely of gemstones and white gold and the last time I checked the miniature was worth Dhs 1.3 million.

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claudzki said...

yup, i pretty much get confused too with all the different gemstones they say is for one particular month. for december however, i think i stick a lot to sapphires and blue topaz....