Sunday, April 16, 2006

Book review: How to become CEO?

I found this book in hiding between others in a corner of the library of American University of Sharjah. Written by Jeffery J. Fox, the book is full of rules or guidlines for people to rise to the top of any organization they work in. Below are some of the rules that I like the best:

  • Always take the job that offers the most money
  • Avoid staff jobs, seek line jobs
  • Keep physically fit
  • Do something hard and lonely
  • Never write a nasty memo
  • Keep and use a special “idea notebook”
  • Skip all office parties
  • Friday is “hoe ya’ doin’?” day
  • Make allies of your peer’s subordinates
  • Arrive forty-five minutes early and leave fifteen minutes late
  • Don’t take work home form the office
  • Don’t get buddy –buddy with your superiors
  • Be visible: Practice WACADAD (words are cheap and deeds are dear)
  • Always take vacations
  • Always say “yes” to a senior executive request
  • Never surprise your boss
  • Make your boss look good, and your boss’s boss look better
  • Never let a good boss make a mistake
  • Add one big new thing to your life each year
  • Overinvest in people
  • Over pay your people
  • Never panic… or lose your temper
  • Treat all people as special
  • Please, be polite with everyone
  • Put the importance on the bright idea, not the source of the idea
  • Emulate, study, and cherish the great boss
  • Don’t go over budget
  • Never underestimate on opponent
  • Record and collect your mistakes with care and pride
  • Live for today; plan for tomorrow; forget about yesterday
  • Treat your family as your number one client
  • No goals, no glory
  • To teach is to learn and to lead

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