Wednesday, June 28, 2006

True love!

A feeling I feel of where you are,
Yet I dont know who you are.
A love I feel for you alone,
A dream I have with you alone,
An adventure we take every night,
Holding your hand I reach for the height,
Your smile takes my tears away,
And filles my heart with butterflies,
With you the night glows bright,
Since you are the moon by my side,
With you everyday is wonderful,
Since you bring the colors to fill my life,
I love you deep and love you a lot,
From the core of love itself comes my love for you.
Yet i dont know who you are!



Faths said...

Thts a really cool one... may u can get all of those poems of urs published, and become famous one day.. insha allah...

good job gurl... i think we all have this unidentified love in our lifes.. some find it sooner, some find it later... bas.. its a matter of time!... but a good one!!... hats of to u!!

Abdul said...

That poem was great Nazia and any guy who noes the meanin of love would understand ur poem very well so keep it up and never ever lose hope if u come across any hard times cuz that life and alwayz there r better dayz.