Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I will not give up!

Every second of every hour of every day,
Bits of happiness and hope fly away,
Like a well empty of drop of water,
I am hallow and robbed of my laughter,
My inner calm, my hope of love,
My strength, my ability to be tough,
My sprituality and my very soul,
Have left me all alone to attain my goal.

A friend I seek to listen me please
Without any judgement, thats what I need,
Don't feel sympathy nor sorry for me,
Just hear me speak, without feeling sad,
Because I may be empty and have no spirit,
But I will not let go my dreams and feel regret.
I will smile even if there is no happiness,
I will love even if there are no roses,
I will fight even if I have no chance,
I will be confident even if no one gives me a glance,
For my dream, I will live again,
For my dreams, I will hope again,
And for my dreams, I will change the fate,
Because without them, is neither me nor a fate!

1 comment:

Abdul said...

Nazia ,i dont noe what to say. That poem is so real that any body that reads it can really feel it.Its like the poem came to life.So keep it up cuz u have a great talent.