Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just be true!

If there’s a secret you, I hope it’s not true,
If you never loved me, I wish it’s not true!
It’s not true!!

Because your love makes me strong and bold,
Your touch lights up my very soul
Your kiss takes me to a magical place away
And if all that is just not true, I won’t know what to believe in next,
If that’s not true, then I am sure that it is true,
That there’s no love for me at all.

Here I am given all my love and self to you
Here I am wishing upon every wish for you
And here I am dreaming just of you
If you not true baby, then you are not true
And I don’t know now to believe in dreams again.

A fantasy I never thought I had in me,
A place away from reality I go with you.
And then you tell me that everything is true
Then you tell me that ever word of yours is true
I believe in you I believe in everyone else
I see your kindness, I see your sweetness
I’m amazed by your gentle heart.
Now if you not true, then you not true
Nor is everyone else in this world I know.

When I feel scared you hold my hands
When I would cry, you would hold me close,
When I would jump with joy, you would jump along
When the night would spread, and the storm alive,
You would whisper, ‘Honey, I’m with you’.
Now, if you not true, oh baby, if you not true,
I have only fear to fear, and lifetime of loneliness

If you not true baby! If you not true
I don’t know how to dry my tears away
I don’t know how to smile again
I don’t know how to live again
And I really don’t know what to say again.

Because … if you not true…
… my life will end again
You bought the joy, you bought the smile
You make me believe, you make me go,
You showed me the other end
You told me to be myself
Now every night I long for you
Now every night I love you more
Please baby just… be true!!!
Just be True!!


Alex said...

I really liked this one! Thank you for writing it.. It really moved me!

Nazia said...

thanks :)