Sunday, March 01, 2009

...dream of a man who's mine

If I could have a dream come true,
I would dream of a man who's mine all the way through,
he would hold me hand with no care of world,
he would treasure my smile like gold,
he would say he loves me because he does,
not for motive or lust,
he would steal my heart and keep with care,
never let it rust or break or tear,
if apart we would connect through love,
he would make me cry only because of joy,
or cry with me if i were sad.

And if i can't dream of a man who's mine,
I would only wish to find the one who's mine,
I wish if he had to leave he won't break my heart,
he won't show me dreams just to say they aren't true,
and he won't make me stop believing in love.

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Quite the Thing! said...

lovely poem